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Do you know what your business is worth? Having a realistic understanding of the value of your business, or the value of your ownership shares in a business, is critical to personal decision-making and planning.


Prepare for the unexpected and protect the future.

The state of today's economy and ever-changing tax laws makes it more important than ever to know what your business is worth. If you're banking on selling your business at retirement, how do you know if you will receive a retirement-worthy buyout? Do you know how to increase the value of your business over a 5-year period before you come to the table to sell?

Below are business valuation related services Jelena offers to attorneys and business owners in the private sector. If you'd like to know how a business valuation will help you protect your future, give her a call to set up a consultation.

  • Buying or selling a business

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Divorce litigation

  • Gifting and estate valuation needs

  • Life insurance needs analysis

  • Obtaining business financing

  • Dissenting stockholder suits